Rochester Hills Homeowner Says Yard Drainage System Was Worth Every Penny

Here’s a results video from a homeowner showing where we buried his downspouts. A lot of our videos show our installation process. But we have to catch a good rainstorm to show you the end results. This homeowner was nice enough to capture the footage for us.

Hey Everyone, I wanted to show you guys a quick video of an awesome yard drainage system that the French Drain Man did at our house in Rochester Hills, Michigan.

In years past, we just terminated our downspouts right over here. We just did it ourselves. We called up the French Drain Man to see if he had a better yard water solution. He came out and ended up burying all our downspouts for our storm drain run off.

As I mentioned, all the water used to just pool over here in our yard. This spot was basically completely unusable, just because water from the whole side of the house came down and terminated in our grass right here.

So what he did was he buried the downspouts and this was just a few weeks ago, so talk about a quality install. Look at our lawn. The grass is already starting to grow back in. You can barely tell they were even here.

Yard Drainage in Rochester Hills, MI ( Homeowner Shares Drain System Results)

We had the storm drain right here in our yard, so they have all the water coming from this whole side of the house running underneath the brick pavers and connected here. It’s music to my eyes and ears seeing it in the storm drain. All that water was going into my yard and now it goes directly into the storm drain. You cannot beat that. Not at all. Worth every penny!

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