Yard Drainage Dewatering Will Be Changed Forever – Caution High Octane

High Octane Blue Corrugated 8-Slot-PipeWelcome to the French Drain Man Channel. I’m Robert Sherwood and I’m here to go over the different tiles available to you for your yard drainage systems. You’re looking at the Baughman 4-Slot staggered for my landscapers that come here and buy this out of the yard. They like this for behind retaining walls, like big boulders, you know the four and five footers, big ledge rock slabs, things like that.

So this is the Select, the difference between the 4-slot staggered Select and the 4-slot staggered Premium is the Premiums is an all virgin material. We believe it makes it stronger. If you’re on a budget, the Select is fine. This is for pickup only. These are 250 footers. And for our DIY in our online store, we’re only selling the Premium 4-slot staggered.

Okay, so we do not use the Select in the 8-slot. We only have the 8-slot in the Premium. It’s an all virgin material because we believe when you open up a pipe, but much it has to be strong. So we don’t want any recycled products. We want to make sure that it’s all virgin material.

Okay, the newest edition in the Baughman Tile line is, check it out, Royal Blue Baby. All right, so this is the Baughman High Octane. This has over 17 square inches of inlet per linear foot. And guess what guys? It’s made just for yard de-watering, crawlspace de-watering, interior basement dewatering. It is not made for agricultural use. Can you believe that? They finally made a pipe for us. They were listening. They are listening. We got their attention. I got to thank everybody, all the subscribers for calling Baughman Tile and making this possible.

So guess what guys? You’re going to find this in our online store soon. We have bought the entire first run, which was 1500 coils. We’re keeping 750 coils for everybody who’s working under the French Drain Man service mark. And we’re going to sell to you the DIY guy, the other 750 coils.

So stay tuned. You’re going to want to stay tuned because what’s going to come in the next 30 days is going to change the yard drainage industry forever. And that’s a promise. You can hold me to that.