Why You Should Hire a Yard Drainage Professional for Yard Water Problems

Hire a Professional Yard Drainage Contractor for Yard WaterWhy is it so important that when you hire somebody to take care of yard water problems, you hire a professional? Let’s go over a few things real quick. One-third of the installs that we put in is to replace a failed drainage system, that’s all it really high statistic. That’s a lot of wasted money. Make sure you get a contractor it knows how to deal with all the fiber optics of today and utilities. I get to hear all the nightmare stories.

Make sure they’re well equipped or they’re going to cut corners and you’re not going to get a good drainage system. These guys that come in with trenchers, they’re not going to haul dirt out. They’re going to trench a groove that’s six-inches wide, they’re going to put a four-inch pipe down in that groove and then there’s going to be a couple inches of stone. Come on. How long is that going to last and how well is that going to move water? Not very well. So you want to hire a contractor that’s well equipped.

Make sure to do your homework, make sure this is something that they work at. It’s something that they’re at the top of the industry. You don’t need to hire the sprinkler guy who sees it as a cash grab while he’s in there putting in your sprinklers. You don’t want to just have any old landscaper do it because there’s a lot of guys that hate dealing with yard drainage. They don’t want nothing to do with it.

I replaced drains where the client says, well, yeah, I made my landscaper throw it in in order to get the rest of the landscape work. Yeah, and it resulted in a failed drainage system.

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