Why You Need to Stake Your Geotextile Fabric and Then Staple!

Stake and Staple Geo Fabric for French drainAll right, Valentine, he’s been pinning down the fabric. The reason why you want to pin down your fabric, when you go to pour your stone in, if you don’t have it staked and we’ll, what we do is we use the sod staples because after the French drain system is full of the stone, you can just go ahead and pull those staples out that you used as a steak and go ahead and pin your French drain system shut.

Have a guy take, take the time to do this. It’s very important. Get your fabric centered, get it perfect. Just stake it, stake it back. That way when you’re running stone, you’re not being burdened with fabric that’s always fallen down in the trench. I know that that’s a problem for a lot of people and it’s frustrating. And the next thing you know, your fabric, your burrito wrap isn’t quite big enough now for a wrap because all the wrinkled fabric is down at the bottom of the trench.

So you can see Valentine is just spearing those staples in the fabric on each side of the trench. And again, we’ll use those very same staples for when we wrap this thing as a burrito and close it up tight.

All right guys, until the next video.