Why We Work Around the Clock When Excavating Large Pond Digs

Why Work Around the Clock on Large Pond DigsNot last night, but the night before we had an all-night rain and we still pushed a lot of dirt because you got to keep the piles knocked down. You know, if the excavator gets too far out in front of the dozer, man, it becomes a pain. But today with this additional rain, we’re done. I mean with the dozer anyways, for now, even rough grade.

Now as far as the excavator, you can still swing dirt. But the problem is if you get a week of rain, what are you going to do with all that dirt? Because it piles up quick. If you know what you’re doing in these machines. So you know this right here, you know this, this muddy condition, you can’t do anything with a dozer with that. And this is why we run day and night. When the weather’s good. I can’t even go to sleep if it’s dry and the dirt is easy to work because I’ve been in the middle of too many projects where mother nature thought she was going to have the last say.

So Francisco, he’s, he’s dredging the pond. I don’t care what weather you’re digging that stuff. Do you know what I mean? It comes out pudding and soup and it’s got a set up anyway.

So this is why we worked day and night. I got over a hundred hours on that dozer and I rented it for a month. I get 160 hours. I can feel good for two reasons. One, we’re out of the borrowing pit and that was my goal. When this weather came, and Francisco’s repositioning himself, he’s working on, he’s working his way down the shoreline of that pond and a that’s going to make a really sweet road right there. That’s good material.

So this, this area that I’m walking on, it’s going to be a pavilion and picnic tables. It’s going to be really nice. This is how everything starts out and yet it always looks worse before it looks better. You’re not working this dirt, not even a rough grade. It’s just pointless. I speak from experience. Don’t even try to push you, just, you spend a lot of money to just get a fraction of the work done. But it helps if you have friends, family, and you know, if you’re doing this for livelihood, if you’ve got a team where you can work shifts when you can work the dirt, man, you gotta be spooning in that stuff and, and spreading it around.

All right guys, until the next video.