Why French Drains Need Geotextile Fabric

Geotextile Filter Fabric - French Drain, MII’m always talking about how you need a Geotextile non-woven fabric to act as a soil separator from your stone. Here’s the perfect example. We’ve been contracted to put in a new French drain. The old French drain quit working. You can see that the stone migrated into the subsoil. The subsoil migrated into the stone and the system failed.  It plugged.

We take a geo fabric and you see it in all our videos, a non-woven fabric, and we’ll line the trench with this. Then we’ll put our pipe in. Then we’ll put our stone. Now, unfortunately, we see this all too often. There’s that pipe with a sock/ sleeve on it. The whole system failed. You can see how the drainage stones mixed in with the subsoil. I’ve done several videos on this. I preach it, I show it. I give you great examples of it.

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