Which Drainage Pipe Should You Use?

Baughman Tile Leach Field PipeWe did a leach field series showing you how to build a yard drain to a leach field, but I’m a little bit concerned because we’re selling the leach field manifolds with 8 slot pipe. Now the 8 slots we’ll use as a collection pipe, we use knife-cut as a dispersal pipe. So I’m going to put together a bunch of shorter videos to get right to the point to show you guys why you use knife cut in a leach field. The 8 slot dumps water so quick. As soon as the water hits the 8 slot, it just pours right out in one location. You’ll get your lawnmower stuck in this location. It’s going to make that spot in your yard soggy. And here you are trying to disperse the water and carry it over a great distance. I recommend 50 feet and four pipes for a leach field. All right, you guys here’s the first video.

Yeah, the 8 slot just pours out. I mean, just like a sieve. I mean that’s all the water just pours out. So it doesn’t get a chance to travel the length of the leach field. That’s why you build a leach field so that you disperse the water over a large area. We’ve been selling a lot of the leach field manifolds. My concern is people are not buying them with the knife cut. So we’re going to do the same thing with knife-cut and we’ll show you the difference.

Let’s see what the knife cut does.

Alright, so the knife cut doesn’t have material ground out like 4 slots staggered or 8 slots. It lives up to its name. It just has cuts in it. No material removed. The water travels the whole length of the leach field through these four pipes and it’s dispersed evenly throughout the leach field. Let’s pick that manifold up as he did.

You can see the difference in the knife cut versus the eight slots. Now again, this is for dispersal. We use the 8 slots for collection. I just want to clarify that with all our subscribers.


Leach Field Series Part 1:  https://youtu.be/ENPIBdA5KSg