Where to take Yard Water with No Storm Drain? High Octane Soak Away Kit

I’m happy to finally roll out the High Octane Soak Away Kit. Not everybody has the luxury of daylighting to a canal, a stream, a creek, a ditch, or a storm drain. In a perfect world, we’d all have that luxury. But when you’re pumping all of your, say, rooftop water, or you have a real long french drain system, or you just have an act of some system and you’re letting it dump in your yard in a highly concentrated area, just daylighting in one spot, it creates a situation where your yard is not usable in that area that you’re daylighting. So we’ve been working with this for 10 months. Now. I’m so happy to have this Soak Away Kit rollout. It has been a lot of work on our part, but we have it all ironed out and we’re ready to distribute.

So we have a manifold with four High Octane Knife Cut. So you have the strongest single wall drainage pipe in the world, and it’s chambering the water letting it slowly leach into the sub soils.

Where to take Yard Water with No Storm Drain? High Octane Soak Away Kit

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Now in the event that your subsoils are completely saturated and it’s been raining like crazy, in between the knife cut that comes off the manifold is some High Octane Eight Slot. It has an end plug on each end. Now the water can be stored in additional chambers. So it’s two coils of High Octane. So that’s 200 feet of High Octane Eight Slot. Then another 200 feet of High Octane Knife Cut, which we’ve never had. The knife cut is a time-release, very slow release of the water into the subsurface.

That’s what’s great about it. Now we do know that during the rainy season, you’re going to need a way to actually have an overflow valve. So we have actually came up with the perfect and easy way of achieving that. So when the water level gets so high and they are full, you have a pop-up emitter, a flow gate and FDM flow gate on just one of the fingers and that will allow that system during an overflow event to go ahead and release additional excess water that the Soak Away Kit can’t handle. Now, what we found is that only happens a couple of weeks throughout the year, the rest of the year, the Soak Away Kit through it’s time-release with a knife cut and then the extra chambers that the eight slot provide are enough, but we always have those couple of weeks where it just rains nonstop.

If that’s the case, you need a way for the water, when the system can’t take in any more, you need just a spillway, just a spillover. So that’s what that pop-up emitter is for. But we have had amazing success with this. Now we sell this kit with eight ounce filter fabric. We want our eight ounce fabric on the bottom, and we want our eight ounce fabric on the top for install. This is a 50 foot long system. And again, it’s 400 feet total. We have 200 feet of High Octane Eight Slot and we have 200 feet of High Octane Knife Cut, which we never had available before here.

You can see the manifold has the knife cut attached to it. So you basically divert the water from one line to four lines. And then when they max out and can’t take an anymore and they sweat so much water, that’s when the eight slot acts as a chamber and holds additional water for you.

Now you just go ahead and you cover this with small stone, just inexpensive small stone. It doesn’t have to be large stone because you already have enough chamber. Just go ahead, cover with pea stone, the cheapest stone you can get, and then put the eight ounce filter fabric. Make sure you put all the end plugs in that come with this kit. And of course, one of our flow gates, and that’s just for a spillover. It’s a great kit. We’ve ironed out all the wrinkles. I can’t endorse this enough. Just another example, why French Drain Man is not only the innovators, but we are the industry leaders in helping the DIYers solve problems that they felt otherwise that there was no solutions for. Again, you don’t need a storm drain to remove water from your yard with our Soak Away Kits. Our Soak Away Kits are just a on-site storage that will let the water slowly soak into the subsurface water until those chambers are completely empty.