When should you run parallel French Drains?

Why Run Parallel Pipes - French Drain Washington Twp., MIWhy run two pipes? Okay, in the area where it’s pretty flat and you have a large amount of saturated soil, just running a single pipe wouldn’t be enough. Now, a French drain will take care of Three feet on either side of it as far as drying the water out of the subsoil.

Now, if you’re putting a French drain in the center of a swale, that’s a different scenario. That’s going to catch all the water that’s gonna work. In this case, we needed two pipes. This trench had to be 16 inches deep. We have all the dirt excavated out of here. And we’re working towards the discharge location.

We got our mini-excavator, filling our two ditch switches.  We got our power buggy, running some dirt out to the road now. We’re gonna continue with this run and take this right out to the area of discharge.

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