What to do When Your Drainage Stone is NOT Washed

Failed Drainage Pipe - ADSAll right. This is becoming a familiar sight. You guys, you know, we tell you guys all the time. Okay, look at that. The green stripe is ADS pipe. Scott just did that with his thumb just goofing around. We were laughing about this pipe and the shape that it’s in. Not to mention this system was not wrapped. It’s just full of dirt. Completely full of dirt. Well, that’s why I got to pay for a three-yard dumpster at our yard for all that garbage Home Depot pipe that fails.

So we’re putting in that one and three-quarter inch. It’s gonna rip. Notice how there’s a little bit of dust and some dirt. They’re not washing stone anymore. It costs too much to wash stone. So we’re using the Baughman High Octane now because the dirt can go right through those big inlets.

Those monster inlets. Dust and dirt just go right through the Baughman High octane. That’s why we had Baughman open it up, not just to move more water. We want to move the sediment and just have it go downstream, down the curb. You should see how dirty the water for the first few good showers of rain. You can see how dirty the water is.

So we’re on the Baughman High Octane and we’ve got the downspouts tied into a Baughman solid yellow. These are both virgin pipes, by the way. The royal blue, and the all yellow and the yellow on the inside and the outside. That’s the virgin material. It’s much stronger. It is far stronger. It’s going to last 200 to 500 years, and it doesn’t attract rodents and animals like that black recycled pipe.

All right guys, you tell the next video.