What happens when iron ochre hardens

What happens when Iron Ochre hardensI know it’s not sexy and it’s not pretty, but you need to see it. If you have iron ochre or you suspect you have iron ochre and you don’t take care of it and it hardens, you can lose your sump pump discharge line, your drainage system can be a complete loss.

This one was nearly there. You can see that it built up and when it dries, it hardens. And we barely got through this. I give Scott and the guys a lot of credit. They were able to break it loose with a steel stake that we have. And we started jetting it out and we finally freed it up. Look at all that iron ochre in here. This is a storm drain, guys. This is where your sump pump discharge line unless it goes to daylight, this is where it goes. Look at that. Iron ochre, look at that nasty, nasty, nasty stuff.

So I just needed you to have this visual so you knew how important it was to maintain your drainage systems, whether it’s your sump pump, discharge line, it doesn’t matter, if it’s a French drain, if it’s your footer. If you know you got iron ochre you want to be proactive. Make sure that you’re having the iron ochre jetted out every few months. I wouldn’t wait any longer in that. I’ve seen where the pipes just plug solid and you don’t want to break up your basement floor. You don’t want to have to go through the expense of all that.

All right guys, until the next video.