What Happens to a French Drain With NO Fabric?

All right, the reason why we wrap our systems is that even when we don’t put fabric on the top, which we do that sometimes, as you guys know, we like the fully contained system in most cases, but in extreme cases, I want at least like a horseshoe shape. And then sometimes we don’t do fabric on top because we just want to move water with literally no interruption whatsoever.

So here’s what happens when you don’t, I mean besides us all being garbage, I mean, you know it’s ADS pipe from Home Depot so it’s garbage. Besides it being garbage, look at that because there was no wrap around the pipe. So you know, we see it all. Just want to share it with you guys. So this is why you have to wrap your French drain system. It’s not like all these gimmicks that you see how this stuff that just ends up like this and in my dumpster and failing.

You guys always want to know how we handle the sod. Well, Marcello and Valentine are working as a team. This stuff is done in pieces and they work around sprinklers. You can see how just big and thick and heavy each piece is because when we cut it with a sod cutter, we cut it as thick as it’ll go. We want to remove as much dirt as we possibly can. We want to get as much root as we possibly can. So you just take a sod cutter, put it on its deepest depth. Especially these yard drain issues. It’s usually, you know, pretty damp, which means it’s going to cut really nice for you.

They have this system all buttoned up and they’re putting in some blind inlets as well. You can see how this is perfect. I mean you can’t even tell we were here. They’re going to take a blower and just hit it so that the grass blades are back to standing.

Here’s a good visual for you guys. So that’s how the pop-ups look when we’re done. So one of these is for roof runoff. The other is for a French drain system. The roof, when this goes up and you have leaves and shingle gravel, it’s just going to end up in the grass and the lawnmower is going to mulch it. So that’s not a big deal. Not a big deal. You don’t even know it was there. It comes right out. That stuff just comes right out. So we have no problems with that. The way we vent and put cleanouts, homeowners a lot of times they’ll just run a garden hose through. It’s kind of a feel-good thing.

This pipe, it wasn’t running right and it held water. Do you know what happens when you leave a pipe holding water? The trees sniff it out and they fill it full of roots.

All right guys, until the next video.