French Drain Install in West Bloomfield, Michigan:  Trencher vs Excavator

West Bloomfield French Drain Trencher vs ExcavatorRight here we just installed a professional french drain system. You wouldn’t hardly know it. All right here we go. Basically we cut the sod. We leave about two and a half inches of root on the side and we just fold it back. We excavate. We do not trench.

We do not use a trencher when we put in a french drain system. A trencher will only give you about six inches of width. You put that pipe in, you put the stone in, it’s just not enough. They don’t last, they’re short lived, they have an early expiration date.

We come in, we excavate a nice trench, remove all that soil, we’re not going to put it back in. Go ahead. Fold this fabric over that 6A natural stone and then we can lay the sod back over top of that. This is the right way to build a French drain in West Bloomfield that’s going to move some water and stand the test of time.

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