The TRUTH About Corrugated Pipe and Deflection

Corrugated Pipe and DeflectionI’ve been told by clients that guys come out to their home and they want to talk about corrugated pipe and deflection. Well, I have the weakest corrugated pipe known to man and it’s eight slot. When there’s that much sidewall removed from the bite, it weakens the pipe. I got eight slots per valley. But guess what? It was made for clay and that’s what I work in and when you add stone, go ahead and jump up and down. Go ahead. You can’t bend that pipe. You can’t bend that pipe. You can’t deflect it when you pack a pipe and stone and we still got more stone obviously to put on top and fill this trend where I just want to show you, you don’t see deflection in this pipe because we pack it in stone. It’s ridiculous.

So anyway, when drainage contractors want to tell you, hey, we, we recommend a solid resin pipe and not the corrugated pipe for this reason. You know it’s a joke. There is no deflection when you do it right. When you know how to use it.  When you pack it in enough stone. Now when these drainage contractors come in with her trencher and they don’t put enough stone in. Yeah, they’re going to get the deflection with my pipe. It’s got a lot of inlets.

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