The More Dirt Removed and More Stone Used, The Better the French Drain

More Dirt and Stone Removed, The Better the French DrainJust because somebody makes a claim that they are a professional yard drainage contractor, you still have to be careful. When hiring someone to solve a yard drainage issue. Know, this fact, the more stone, the better the drain. The more soil that’s excavated and removed from the property, the better the drain.

If they show up in an extended van, a cube van, and they have no means to remove dirt, don’t hire them. They’re not going to excavate enough dirt and they’re not going to put in enough stone to build an effective French drain system or a professional French drain system done by professional yard drainage contractors, licensed builders.

We have a resume that’s really long with over 30 years of experience. We build commercial outdoor living spaces, commercial outdoor kitchens, both residential, commercial water features, and we no indoor plumbing being licensed builders of homes.

We build a hybrid system using all these components, tricks for better performance and for our system that the homeowner the entire time that they’re going to be in that home.

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