Sump Pump Line to French Drain System to Drain Yard Water

Sump Pump Line to French DrainWe’re installing a sump pump line to a French drain system. I just wanted to show you what the system looks like.  Everyone is a little different. They’re tailor-made the hall a lot and the conditions. The soil here is low percolation, so we ran four-inch schedule, 40. The sump pump line,

We created a really large reservoir. We have two pipes. We’re going to fill this full of stone. This is going to be the area collection for the water. Now there’s not very good percolation to the soil here. That’s why we wanted to make this so large and so big.  And we have a history of the lots and the land here. We did the neighbors house a year ago. There was water between the homes, so we ran a pipe down the side lot here, right to where these two pipes end.  Then there’s a pipe that goes to a storm drain, catch basin. We have a common area and all the water ends up right in this swale and evacuate. We just need to get the water to this point, so we dug until we exposed our filter fabric on a French drain system that we put in last year.  And that’s where this system is going to end.

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