Sump Pump Line Installers & French Drain Installers — Experience Matters!

Sump Pump and French Drain Installers - MichiganYou see in a lot of our videos how I talk about how trees lift the ground. They’ll lift sump pump lines. They’ll live French drain systems.

You can see the sidewalk here, how it’s raised right by the tree. As you get near the tree, you see the concrete goes up and then once you get past the tree, you’ll actually see it start sloping down.

The tree as its roots increase in diameter lifts all the earth around it, and that also means anything and everything, whether it be concrete slabs, a French drain, or sump pump line.

When we go around the tree, we’ll do an over-dig for a French drain system. In a case like this and for sump pump line, we’re cutting all the roots were shearing all the roots and we’re going as deep as we can;

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