Grass Keep Growing Over Your Downspout Discharge Area?

One of the biggest causes of failed downspouts is grass and debris growing over the pop-up and then you cannot discharge your water.

We now have a turf restrictor plate that stops grass from growing over downspouts of where the system daylights. And we are putting together the world’s greatest pop-ups, we’re taking all the best components and we’re putting them together to make an incredible piece for the DIY-er and the contractor, and we’re shipping them all over the US.

We Now Have Four Turf Restrictor Kits

I just wanted to go over the four kits that we now offer. So we have 4 clog-free pop-up emitters with a turf restrictor plate.

Stop Grass from Growing Over Downspouts with Turf Restrictor Kits

First we have one made for four inch PVC.

Then we have another four-inch clog-free pop-up with the turf restrictor plate and this one’s made for corrugated pipe. Snaps right in, super easy.

Now we are building three inch turf restrictor kits, one for PVC and one for corrugated pipe. The three inch is known for holding so little water.  Why is this a big deal? Well, in the north, we freeze up so you don’t want these to hold any water.

4 Inch Pop-up Emitter with Turf Restrictor (Connects to 4″ Corrugated)

3 Inch Pop-up Emitter with Turf Restrictor (Connects to 4″ Corrugated)

4 Inch Pop-up Emitter with Turf Restrictor (Connects to PVC)

3 Inch Pop-up Emitter with Turf Restrictor (Connects to PVC)

About Three Inch Turf Restrictor Kits

If you go to a three inch, the diameter is much smaller. This is not going to hold any water. Then there is a little hole in the bottom to drain. That little bit of water will perk. That’s not an issue. This is not going to slow your flow down. If you study at all as an amateur, you can research how fluid dynamics work. You can have a four inch line full of water and when it hits this three inch fitting, it does not slow down the flow of the water. When you have a four inch pipe full of water, fluids in motion, study fluids in motion. We’ll cover this more in depth in a future video.

For those that don’t want to believe that you’re going to get all that water through a three inch fitting, you will, trust me. When the water hits the three inch fitting it won’t even slow down. It’ll speed up inside this fitting, the water will actually speed up. The flow of the water will speed up, because you reduce the diameter, you have all this kinetic energy. When it hits this, it’s not going to slow down. The water actually has to speed up inside the smaller diameter, so it doesn’t slow the flow down.

All right. This is what we’re using now. We have our clog-free design and a three inch pop-up. We have the three inch elbow and we have it to where it connects right onto corrugated pipe in a four-inch. You got your four inch corrugated pipe to a three inch fitting that doesn’t have very much water in it, that’s for the north where we freeze up. We offer that three inch for four-inch PVC.

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Stop Grass Growing Over Downspouts!

You have to make sure your grass doesn’t grow over top of a pop up emitter in your yard drainage system. Once you lose the ability to daylight you end up with a flooded basement, crawlspace, flooded sunroom or other damaged property. We now offer our turf restrictor kits in four different flavors and we’re going to keep expanding drainage products in our store and continue just to be very innovative, bringing new products and designs to the market.

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