Sterling Heights French Drain Sump Pump Discharge Hybrid System

Sterling Heights French Drain Sump PumpWe’re in Sterling Heights, Michigan installing a French drainage system along with running a new sump line. Water use to stand in the backyard here where you see our channel for our French drain stone, and the sump line used to run to a dry well.  You can’t do dry wells on a clay lot. They just fill up like a bathtub and once they’re full, they overflow, and then you end up with standing water.

There was an inch and a half sized pipe running off this to that dry well that was doing nothing. That’s why they had to rig the system so the water would at least dump. They were just basically re-circulating water and it was collecting in the corner of the backyard.

So we went to a four-inch schedule 40 PVC pipe and we are running that right down to our channel for our French drain stone. Basically we, tied the schedule 40 into its own perforated corrugated pipe and it’s going to share a channel that our French drain is in. The dual pipes then go underneath the fence, underneath the walk and discharge in the ditch.

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