St. Clair Shores Michigan Perimeter French Drain System

St. Clair Shores French Drain Perimeter SystemWe’re in St. Clair Shores, Michigan installing in a perimeter drain system around the backyard. We’re digging out a French drain channel around the entire backyard. The homeowner in St. Clair Shores is saving hundreds and hundred of dollars by repurposing the dirt.  The lot’s low. So we’re going to crown the backyard, chasing the water to the perimeter drain.

As you can see, we have a French drain channel running in the perimeter of the property, the entire property. We went around the shed.

We have a balance tube connecting both sides. That way we can equalize the pressure. Balance the water in which these two French drain channels are carrying along the perimeter

St. Clair Shores French Drain System Experts

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