Single Wall Corrugated Pipe & Dual Wall Corrugated Pipe Technique

Dual and Single Wall Corrugated Pipe in MichiganI wanted to show you the anatomy of dual pipe to a six-inch catch basin. Now we had to run this quite far so that this was below. We want to catch all the debris is in the six-inch catch basin. We want this to be the lowest point in the run. You don’t want any bellies.

So, we had to come out this far because it’s so flat out here that I was taking topo readings with the laser transit and it was just flat as can be flat, as can be, flat as can be, and finally some drop, which means we can empty this pipe out. It won’t hold water.

So, we core underneath the sidewalk and then to go around this bush and the make this connection, dual wall won’t make that kind of bend. So we’ll use a single wall and do a really nice clean installation like this. There’s concrete right here, so there’s nothing we can do. We don’t want to cut the concrete. It looks really nice. It’s in good shape.  So we went to a single wall and then as soon as we got around this bush, we then made our connection into dual.

Oh yeah. It really helps to have backpack blowers for blowing the snow off the grass when you’re installing downspouts in Michigan. We do have four seasons here and we really live the four seasons.

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