Shelby Twp Basement Waterproofing Starts Outside

If you’re dealing with basement or crawlspace flooding after a rain event, waterproofing your home will require you to keep water away from your foundation and out of your yard.

We can installed our chambered sump systems for residents in Shelby Twp or Northern Macomb. But if you are an eager DIYer our systems can be shipped to your door and they arrive fully plumbed and assembled, allowing homeowners to simply drop it in.

Shelby Twp Basement Waterproofing

Indoor Sump Basins Don’t Displace Enough Water

You’ve probably seen sump basins in the big box stores. The problem is they’re tapered at the bottom. They get really narrow so people end up putting bricks and blocks in the bottom of these to raise the pump off the bottom so that they can get it in an area to where it’s a larger diameter and it’s displacing a little more water.  This will reduce the pump run time a little but not very much.

Every time a sump pump is fired up that startup is what you see when you look at your electric bill. The initial startup is where all the expenses are when it comes to sump pump systems. But here’s another thing, failure of a sump pump it means a lot of things depending on who you are and where your sump pump is. Whether it’s a flooded sun room, a flooded basement, a flooded crawl space, a flooded garage or even a flooded backyard, 99 out of 100 replacements 99 out of 100 failures of sump pumps are in the switch because of this short cycling. Indoor basins are just not designed for sheet water off a roof ,sheet water off a driveway or off a parking lot.

Stop Basement Flooding with Our Chambered Duplex System

Our duplex system has two pumps and a long chamber to displace water. So now you fill up this entire chamber before the primary pump turns on. It’s hurricane proof, tropical storm proof, and it’s Great Lakes of Michigan proof. We’ve tested and we’ve ran it and I’m here to report back that we’ve had so much positive feedback on our duplex system. Everything about this sump pump system is patented and it leaves nothing to want as far as a homeowner and the security that it gives you.

Stop Basement Flooding with Our Chambered Duplex System

When the primary pump turns on it’ll it’ll cycle as needed and it won’t be too often because once it shuts off you have to fill this chamber again.

Our system will reduces cycling by 80% and extend the life of your sump pump. This outdoor storm system will handle the kind of rain that comes off your roof, your driveway and your yard keeping your basement and your crawlspace dry during any rain event.

We also have sump viewers so you don’t have to pop the hood to see what’s going on and half inch inlets throughout. It’s made out of culvert pipe, the same material that giant agricultural giant tractors drive over.

Shelby Twp Basement Waterproofing Experts

If you’re a Shelby Twp. homeowner with a failed sump system and you’re looking to keep your basement dry, the French Drain Man crew provides full service installations of our chambered systems for local Michigan residents. Or if you are more of a DIYer and want to save money on the install, our systems can be shipped to your door and they arrive fully assembled, allowing homeowners to simply drop it in. It’s that easy!

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