Residential Yard Water Problems in Southeast Michigan

Residential Yard Drainage ProblemsThere are all types of situations that cause residential water problems. Here we have a walkout basement. We have a backyard that’s really built up all the water runs this way.

This homeowner bought this house in. The previous owner had a landscaper hump these pavers up to prevent the water from entering the basement. It still floods is walk up basement.

He hired a landscaper several months ago and he brought a skid steer in and went ahead and just carved out a real pronounced swale. You can see the sprinkler lines are exposed. They really removed a lot of dirt here, but again, you got to put a French drain pipe in. You don’t want to add dirt. Even if you remove some dirt out, you still need to put in a French drain.

French drain will carry this water to the storm drain catch basin. A channel of stone moves, water, uninterrupted better than anything.

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