Perforated Drainage Pipe at Bottom of the Trench

Perforated Drain Pipe - Solid Downspout PipeAll right, everybody. I want to make sure that we don’t confuse the DIY or the young contractor who gets caught in the French Drain Man spin cycle.

Make sure that your perforated pipe is on the bottom of the trench and then your solid gutter pipe on top. This is for the gutters on the house. This is where the downspouts taking the gutter water away from the house. This is the solid virgin yellow.

You don’t want your Baughman perforated drain pipe on top and you’re solid on the bottom. So I’ve learned with our subscribers, I have to be thorough or I’m going to have a busy night answering questions in the comment section, that’s for sure. So always put your Baughman premium solid yellow downspout pipe on the top, your perforated drainage pipes on the bottom. Very important guys. Very important. All right, until the next video.

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