Oakland County French Drain – Walkout Basement / Pit Patio Drain

French Drain Walkout Basement - Pit Patio - Oakland County, MIIn Oakland County right now, looking at a system we put in last year. The homeowner is going have us do some French drains in the back yard. But this was the first phase of their water problems. They have what we call a pit patio. This is a forced walk out. This walk out was, basically, as you can see the lot doesn’t lend itself to be a walkout. So we call this pit patios. And well you really have to manage your water when you have these set ups.

There used to be a channel drain in front of that door wall. The frost would always lift it and then the water would go inside the basement and it would ruin the finished basement. Homeowner get frustrated, just gave up. 15 years of trying to find somebody that can solve this problem, I think 6 to 7 contractors later we crossed paths.

We ended up building the system, we’re 48 inches deep so the frost can’t lift this catch base and we pulled up all the brick and we pitch it towards the stern drain. We lift it. There’s the pipe, the lift pump. We lift it and we take it to where we have enough slope. And this pipe is all set on a pitch. And it ejects out here where we’ve got good slope to the front yard.

Now we’re gonna do something decorative here, whether it’s like a dry creek bed look, some sort of splash block that’s decorative and ornamental. Because we’re moving far more water than we even imagined. But what an amazing system. And this is is not abnormal, I see this all the time. We put a lot of these systems in this so I wanted to do this video.

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