French Drain Hybrid Solution Utilizing a Dry Creek Bed in New Baltimore, Michigan

New Baltimore Hybrid French Drain InstallationWe’re in New Baltimore, Michigan. Over 12 years ago, we met a gentleman who’d seen a concept at a restaurant that he was dining at. He basically wanted his outdoor living space to have a berm around it with a bunch of ornamentals. This created a drainage issue. The water runs off the patio to a swale typically and then to a storm drain.

We went ahead and we put an inch and a half cobble and created a dry creek bed. There is a perforated pipe underneath all that cobble. Now, over 12 years now in this system Has more than proven itself. Still working fine. Handles all the water. This is a lot of area.

During a heavy downpour, that’s a lot of water. Basically, what we did is we tied in some downspouts as well, put them over top of the french drain system. And there’s the storm drain. You can see the lid. We cored that, about 12 inches of concrete Fed the pipe through that.

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