Improve The Quality of Your Subsoil and Turf Grass With a French Drain

Improve Subsoil & Turf Grass With a French DrainWe’re running French drains on a large piece of property in Michigan. It’s 10 acres. It drains fine as far as surface water.  The driveway shuts off the water into a swale area. The lot is crowned really nice. All the water runs to this swelled area and then it heads to the main ditch, which then goes to contributary to a river.

The problem is it’s too flat in this swelled area, it’s always saturated. There’s not standing water, but because it’s saturated, you don’t get the oxygen to the turfgrass. Now we love our bluegrasses here in the north. We just love our standard bluegrass, but when there’s low oxygen, the bluegrass’s start to die out and the poor quality grasses move in, migrate in, and you can see that’s happening here. So we’re gonna run a French drain system through here to improve the quality of the subsoil so that there’s oxygen to the root and we’re going to grow a better turf.

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