How Trees Lift Your Grade and your French Drain Causing Drainage Problems

Tree Roots Lift Grade and Damage French DrainThis is a failed French drain system. I want to explain a couple of reasons why it failed.

One, the tree here has lifted the ground. It has raised the ground. It has brought the French drain system to the surface to the point to where it’s actually exposed in a few areas in the yard.

The tree, as it grows larger and all its roots get thicker, it lifts the ground. You have to basically dig deep by trees. You have to do an over dig.  Dog an over dig and make your French drain system deeper in depth when you go by trees, and also make sure you take the right measures as far as ways to keep the roots out.

Now here you can pea the stone. They did not separate the pea stone from the soil, so the pea gravel migrated in the subsoil, the subsoil migrated in the pea stone. There are so many issues. Why this French drain failed, but we’re here to replace it.

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