How to Vent Downspout, Roof Runoff Water

Vent Downspout, Roof RunoffAll right, we’re putting in a French drain system. Just thought I’d show you somebody’s handiwork. A shallow dig always results in the north with the pipe being pushed up to the surface by the frost. And this thing has been band-aided so many times,

All right, so I want to show you guys how we take care of downspouts. Now, Polydrain, I want everybody to know that Polydrain is Baughman Tile. So that’s like on our fittings Pollydrain. Okay, so we take, you know how they have this really nice, this gutter adaptor is 2x3x4. Look at that. How they got it. Well, we call it the trim ring because it matches the corrugated pipe. Look how nice that is. Nice clean. So we’d like that. We’ll take a piece of the Baughman black solid and we’ll set the Polydrain downspout adapter in that and snap it into a Wye fitting.

Now these grates that we use, they snap in for clean-out and for a vent. So if you want to vent your downspout and this, this works great. So this is going to end up right here. So literally, this is how it’s going to look when we have it in.

I got to go run appointments, but I wanted to show you guys, so it’s very clean, very neat.

We make these up. Say we get a rain day. Well, this, you know, make hundreds of these up and take them with us and we put them on everybody’s downspouts. So one of the share that with you guys.

All right, until the next video guys.