How to Use Perforated Corrugated Drainage Pipe to Disperse Water

Baughman Knife-Cut Pipe with ManifoldAll right, we’re doing a test. We’re taking two leach field manifolds. Okay. See all the water coming right out. We’re taking a half-horse Liberty. Look at all the water just pouring out of that. Why is that? Well, you’re not supposed to use a collection pipe as a dispersal pipe. That’s why. So all the water’s running out of the 8 slots and it does the same thing with the 4 slot staggard. And we’ve been selling a lot of these leach field manifolds, but no knife-cut and it’s been concerning me.

All right, let’s do it. The Baughman knife-cut corrugated drainage pipe. Now let’s see the difference. So that’s a collection pipe, not a dispersal pipe. You just saw why? The idea is you want the water to travel through the leach field and be dispersed throughout a large area. That’s how a leach field works. Now this pipe, the way it just dumped the water, you get your lawnmower stuck there.

Okay, so now knife-cut lives up to its name. It doesn’t have any material removed. It literally has cuts in it that you can barely see. So the water is going through the manifold and it’s running right down. It’s coming out all the way to the very end, which you’re not going to get that with 4 slots staggered or 8 slot. Those are collection pipes. I just want to make sure that we get all our subscribers on the right page.

So you can see the water coming out of the knife-cut is for the whole length, the whole run. Let’s do the 8 slots one more time.

All right, so now remember this is a collection pipe. This 8 slot, not a dispersal pipe. I want to make sure you guys are using these pipes properly and your yard drains. Okay, so all the water, once again it’s just pouring out of this 8 slot.

The knife-cut, the water is still leaching out of the knife-cut. Look at that water running out of the knife-cut because they were loaded. We loaded them with a two-inch half-horse Liberty. I actually got to wait for the leach pipe to stop leaching and doing its job. The knife cut. But there’s no water in this pipe at all. This 8 slot is as light as a feather and it just all pours right out, up at the top. So make sure you’re not using a collection pipe as a dispersal pipe. All right, let’s do that.

Knife-cut one more time.

Again in yard drains. What do we use knife-cut for? Not collecting water. This is not the French drainpipe. It has little cuts in it made with a blade. It lives up to its name. No material has been removed. All right, so now we got our half-horse Liberty two-inch, we’re feeding out of a Lake.

So these, these four pipes are just loading up with water and the water is running out of the pipe throughout and the water makes it all the way to the end and we got end plugs. As you can see, we got the end plugs in. So throughout the entire leach field, knife cut allows the water to be dispersed over a larger area. Again, this is so you don’t get your lawn more stuck because just like the 8 slots staggered, you can see the water’s just coming out of this. It’s just a drip. The whole length of it. This is a 25-foot leach field demonstration. We just took a 100-foot coil. I normally like 50 foot runs, so two coils, but we didn’t want to burn up all that material for demonstration.

Hopefully, this helps you guys. Don’t use a collection pipe for your leach fields. Use knife-cut that pipe disperses water and low in yard drains. Look at the water is running out here. Water is running out there, the water’s running out here, the water’s flowing here and water is pouring out the very end. So that’s why we use knife-cut in leach fields. It disperses the water.

All right guys, until the next video.