How to Prepare Your Sprinkler Pipe in a French Drain

How to Prep Sprinkler Lines in French DrainDIYers and contractors, I’m going to show you how you handle sprinkler lines. Once you run into a sprinkler line, cut that out and put the couplers in. Let’s go ahead and crimp clamp them. We got some one-inch couplers here. We got a three-quarter inch here. That three-quarter inch goes there. It ran on a bit of a diagonal to the trench.

I want to show you guys how the French Drain Man crew handles this. So you don’t want to end up with a bunch of cut lines that you don’t know where the heck everything goes. So you gotta address it as you come across it. And then that way it’s prepped and it has rhyme and reason.

We just cut out the pieces that we hit and we need to cut, make a cut anyways to get our pipes in. So once we get the High Octane in the next step is going to just go ahead and put new poly pipe. Nice clean poly pipe.

There’s another three-quarter inch. There’s going to be some downspout pipe ran in this trench. As soon as that’s done, the sprinklers will end up getting repaired. Once the sprinklers are repaired, all pipes are in, sprinklers are repaired, then the stone goes in. That’s how you handle your sprinklers. Everything’s prepped. Don’t find yourself in a bad way. It’s easy to do with the sprinkler systems. Address everything as you come across that.

All right guys, until the next video.