How to Move Six Million Gallons of Pond Water Breaking a Dam

Break Dam Between Man-Made-PondsWe’ve been working on this project. It’s an expansion of the corner pond. You can see how high the water is. This is after July, August. It actually was up here and July, August is drought season. It dried up this through evaporation, you know, heat, drought.

Okay, so you can see how far down we are. We’re going to break this dam. As soon as we get up out of this hole. Usually a lot of fun. I’ll try to put the drone up and get some good footage for you guys.

What’s amazing is how peaceful that water is just left to lie. Just how peaceful it is. Both the pond that we’re adding this edition on and this edition. It’s extremely peaceful, but as soon as we break through this clay dam, man, it’s amazing the amount of force and the amount of power that you’re dealing with. It’s truly incredible.

Oh, there goes a largemouth bass!


That is awesome.

Truly incredible.

Hell yeah, man. Now we’re moving water.

Sweet. Love it.

Man. Love it. I just love it.

I am starting to notice the water level dropping in the mother pond over here.

I love it, man.

Man, what a rush. I love that. I never get tired of that. Good. Yeah, just look at that. Just insane.

Yeah, baby. Matt. Is that awesome? Oh, that is too cool. Okay.

This guy, he just, he doesn’t stop.


Oh, she’s starting to settle down a bit now. That’s for sure. Man. I knew that pond that we were adding, this addition to, I knew it was a big pond. I know it’s deep because my buddy, he dug it and good friend of mine back, I believe in 2005 he dug this original piece and it’s deep. I know that because they needed the third, it was a borrowing pit back done.

Woo. Man. Oh man, man, that was too cool.

I don’t know what I’m going to do for the rest of the day. I can’t top that man. That is awesome. That is truly amazing.

So I guess the beach is going to be down there. A bunch of sand is going to get dumped there in spring. Pavilion, put up on top of the barrier we built up with some picnic tables. It’s going to be really, really nice.

Now we can dredge it, you know we dropped it enough to dredge it so we’ll go along the edges all away around this pond. Take this opportunity now to dredge it.

Damn, Man. Was that fun? Very cool.

Absolutely incredible. That’s how you fill a pond. You can see the equipment’s big that we’re using. Look at Francisco next to the bucket of that hydraulic shovel. You’ve got Marcello standing up on the bulldozer working the hydraulic blade.

Yeah, big toys. But you know what? They work no different than the little ones. The rules are the same. So if you can rent a small one and run it DIY, you can have one of these delivered to your property and dig yourself a pond.

There’s the property owner right there.

Awesome. Incredible.

All right guys. I don’t know how I’m going to top that this week but until the next video.