How to Move More Water in Your French Drain

Baughman Royal Blue and Gold Drainage Pipe

How you can move more water with your yard drainage system? You know, obviously you want a pipe that has monster inlets. You want the water to be able to get inside the void that this pipe creates in the trench. That’s what you’re after. You want the water to be able to pass right through the sidewall of the pipe because the idea is the void that this creates in your aggregate, that’s a giant void to move water. That’s how that works.

This is a one and three quarter inch round rock. Round rock doesn’t compact like crushed stone. I encourage that you guys use an aggregate like this for the best performance in your yard drain. And I’ll tell you there are some benefits to this. You don’t end up with all these little pea stones in your grass, contractors, and DIYers it’s so much easier to clean up something the size of a golf ball and then your lawnmower doesn’t have a chance to get it cause you’re gonna catch him off.

So we’re going to run the High Octane, the Baughman Royal Blue, High Octane, and it has 11 and a quarter square inches per linear foot. So water just goes right through the stone right into this pipe. And this pipe creates this massive giant void that moves about 240 gallons per minute. So that’s how you move more water in your yard drain system.

The discharge lines, the downspouts, everybody’s asking for the virgin material because of its strength and the fact that you don’t end up with opossums, raccoons, skunks, they’re going it up and eating it.

So, all right guys, until the next video.