How to Modify Your Downspout Using FDM’s Torrential Rain Kit

Modify downspout with Torrential Rain KitBrian’s installing the torrential rain kit. He was already up on the ladder and he cut a big opening in the gutter. It went from a six and three-quarter outlet to a 17 and a quarter inch outlet. So that’s a huge funnel.

Now this is a downspout that’s removable, so it’s easy for the homeowner to clean and we’re going to show you how it just easily comes off the house with a wing nut and a bolt. He mounted that wall-mount and here he is, he’s showing the homeowner how to take this down.

You just undo a wing nut. It’s a stainless steel bolt. Then there’s one at the bottom right here as well. Easy, easy removal of a downspout. And we put these on for our homeowners.

Look at that, clean the leaves out. It’s a monster opening. You don’t have to get on a ladder, you get to do it from the ground and put it back on. That simple and then just attach it to your underground. So these are kits that we have been installing for our customers. I just want to make everybody aware of it. And we also have the TORRENTIAL RAIN KIT for sale in our online store.