How to Install an Underground Drainage Systems With Snow on the Ground

How to Install Underground Drainage System with Snow on GroundWhen working in the north, as long as the frost isn’t too deep you can keep putting in an underground drainage system.   But you do need to use a leaf blower to clear the snow. That’s the best tool when it comes to pushing on and extending your season. Time’s against us right now. The ground is going to freeze eventually. We’re gonna have enough frost on the ground that we’re just not going to be able to continue, so we got to take what time is there? We’ve got to make the most of it.

Well, a leaf blower and so far this is 2018 going into the winter — the electric blowers don’t really have what it takes. We still have to use a gasoline powered backpack blower, commercial blower. Right now we got about three inches of wet snow and it is really heavy along with leaves. This is one way to press on. The push has been on for the last six weeks. You know, you know these days are coming, you know the weather’s gone south, but how to extend your season in the north. This is one way you can extend your season.

Now, you don’t want to expose them who’s the grass until you’re ready to work because it was really cold out and you expose the grass too soon. It’ll then freeze and the snow acts as an insulator.

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