How to Install a Blind Inlet

Blind Inlet for French DrainWe get a lot of questions about blind inlets. Today is really muddy. We’ve had this all night and all-day rain. This past weekend was a wet one. So this grass will look great after a couple more rains just from walking it and stomping and it’s a bit muddy.

So there’s a blind inlet. Alright, so bang, look, everybody’s asking how we’re doing this. I still want our non-woven geotextile double punched fabric filtering contaminants. So the water is going to go right through this. Yes, it’s going to go through this extremely fast, extremely quick. This takes bulk water. That’s why we do that for bulk water. There’s another blind inlet. There’s going to be another one over here. The sod’s been all pieced together, got a blind inlet.

You can see how the grass just goes together like a puzzle. The guys that kept their sod organized and this works amazing. When this tree drops its leaves, you have to just hit it with a leaf blower and that’s it. Done. There aren’t any dead worms, you know, does nasty garbage having to use your shop vac to suck all that crap out.

I’ve been in this, I’ve been in the field for three decades, and I’m telling you, I don’t have that at my house. I wouldn’t deal with it. It’s nasty. These blind inlets are the way to go.

Now we do some systems on the Lake when water comes over the seawall. That’s a little different and I look forward to showing you that. Stay tuned.

All right guys, until next video.