How to Grow Grass on a French Drain Drainage System

How to Grow Grass on a French DrainWe get a lot of questions about growing grass over our system. So I want to go through that really quick and just give you the one on one on that. Cause we, we do know where and when you can grow grass.

Anytime you got a sprinkler system, you’re in good shape. So we caught with the deepest notch that the sod cutter will cut. So we get a nice slab. Look at all those roots, maybe two and a half inches of soil. Early season and late season when the grass plants their roots recede it tends to fall apart. So when you go super, super thick, it stays together much better and you’re not going to have to worry with sprinklers. It’ll be fine. If you don’t have sprinklers here in Michigan, you have to be watering through July, August or you’re not going to have a nice lawn at all. You will see the line where the drains at for sure.

Now, remember, these systems do not take a minute off. They work seven days a week, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. They don’t quit. They’re always pulling water from the subsurface. That’s why they dry out yards so nice. So keep that in mind.

Now, how would you do this if you didn’t have sprinklers? Well, I would design like a, a very decorative dry creek bed that went through the area that I’m trying to dry up and pull all this water from.

So I hope that helps you guys. The sod, you just want to cut it on the deepest notch. Literally, take as much dirt as you can and then take a shovel and just cut pieces that are easy for you to handle and it goes together just like a puzzle.

Look at that. A lot of dirt. You want to take a lot of dirt, cut it on the deepest notch and it just goes together just like a puzzle. Super easy.

All right guys, until the next video.