How to End / Terminate a Drainage Pipe to Daylight

Terminate Pipe to Daylight with Critter GuardThe crew just finished installing a French drain and I wanted to show you how we terminate a drain to daylight. Because this is a question I get asked quite often. How do you terminate your drain?

So if it’s a sump pump line, it’s the same thing. It goes to daylight. We usually cut it on an angle. You know, that agrees with the existing slope if it’s a ditch or it depends where it terminates. And then this here is our Critter Guard. So when the water comes out, you know, this will move. And now squirrels, muskrat’s anything you know that you can think of that would see that as a potential home and pack it full of debris is no longer possible for them to even get in it. So that is the proper way to terminate some pump line or yard drain to daylight.

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