How to Connect Your Yard Drain, French Drain to a Storm Drain Catch Basin

Connect Drainage System to Storm DrainOkay. How do you connect corrugated play up to the Schedule 40 sleeve? Basically, they make a coupling that you glue onto the Schedule 40 and then there’s an adapter that slides into that and you glue that in as well. Now the corrugated pipe will just snap over the top of this and it’s a good fit. You can’t pull it apart and as you can see, we used hydraulic cement around the Schedule 40 sleeve. That’s how the DPW wants it. That’s how you connect your French drain system to a tap on a storm drain.

When you run a French drain system to a storm drain catch basin, not all the catch basins are sleeved. You have to core drill the majority of them actually. Here’s a picture of a really nice core drilling of the sidewall of a storm drain catch basin. You then have to sleeve it. We use Schedule 40 and we use hydraulic cement to hold that Schedule 40 sleeve in place. We then put it’s coupling over the Schedule 40 and then this adapter we glue inside that. Then the French drainpipe, the perforated corrugated four-inch that we use, just snaps onto that.

Now when they’re sleeved, they’re funny size and I’m told a few different things but I’m going to show you what works well for us. when we’re doing our French drain to a storm drain catch basin that’s sleeved. We go ahead and we just cut off the end cap and when I say just cut it off, I’m talking about just the very end, leave that collar. If you leave that collar you can then take a six-inch to four-inch Schedule 40 and it fits on really nice. They make a bushing that slides into that and then your adapter to take you to your corrugated perforated pipe, slips right into that bushing.

French drains in the yard. If you have a storm drain catch basin on your property or it’s just on the other side of the property line, it’s in your neighbor’s yard. If it’s in Macomb township, they usually have a sleeved catch basin. That’s where I’ve seen the majority of them because of the clay pan in Macomb Township, French drains are so needed.

Here is a connection to a storm drain catch basin. This is a French drain in the yard. We got a coupling. This coupling hooks up the sleeve. Now, this is a really funny size. It really is. It appears to be six-inch Schedule 40 and it’s not. And there’s only one manufacturer that makes it and it’s a real hard one to figure out how they ended up going with the size. But anyway, there’s only one company that makes this coupling, so it’s a six to four. And then we go to our adapter that we snap on the French drain pipe too. This is how we connect a French drain in the yard to a storm drain catch basin.

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