How to Build a French Drain System Around a Tree

How to build a French drain system around a tree

We do an over dig is, and that’s why you see water in the bottom of it. We over dig this six-inches deeper than the rest of the system, so this tree can lift this system in this area and it won’t affect it. It will still drain because of the over dig. The tree roots will grow in size underneath the system. It will lift it and that would cause a damming effect. However, we did an over dig.  We are deep. We are allowing for this to happen knowing that this is going to happen in the future. Matter of fact, you can see how deep we are. Here are the sprinkler lines. They look really shallow, but they’re not. That’s how deep we are.

So this is one of the things you can do when you’re trying to protect yourself from tree roots. It’s obviously an option. It’s a lot of work. We dig 20 by 20 to get that in and make that happen. And then the rest of the systems, the way all our videos are, you know, our systems,  if you subscribe and you watch, there’s some sprinkler lines through the landscape there. We tunneled under the fence.

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