How Much Stone Should You Use in a French Drain System?

How Much Coarse Stone for a French Drain?The more stone the better the drain. We always put the pipe at the bottom of the French drain trench. That way the frost can’t push this up to the surface.

I’m doing anatomy kind of shot for you. We’re gonna. Continue this drain, but I’m in the ditch channel that the excavator created showing how much stone we put in one of our French drain systems.

The more stone, the better the drain. That’s why we won’t use a trencher. We want to ditch out a nice channel with an excavator and then haul that heavy soil away. Replace it with a nice coarse wash, rock, and then wrap it with a really, really good filter fabric that’s going to move a lot of water through it. You can’t use the landscape fabric. You have to know your fabrics. You want to use a fabric that’s a good drainage fabric specifically for drainage systems.

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