Gutter Catch Basin Developed By Contractor is Revolutionizing the Industry

Let’s talk about our new gutter catch basin and how we got to this point. After 35 years in the drainage industry, we’ve seen what works and what doesn’t. We experience the common struggles as a contractor first hand. And one struggle we had, was finding a catch basin that was easy to install and that kept the drain from clogging.

So we started with a 12 in. square basin that was supposed to be the mack daddy of catch basins. No doubt, it’s always caught more shingle gravel than any other basin. But we also know you need to dig a really big hole to put this in. Plus I question the size of the sump and it’s ability to hold debris. Also, in Michigan, this catch basin freezes solid so you can never leach all the water into the subsoil. It’s a real problem for drainage contractors and homeowners.

So then we tried a smaller basin because it’s so easy to install. But there was no sump whatsoever to catch the sediment and debris. Also, it has less of a gap to shoot water through, so you don’t catch as much gravel. We still needed a gutter catch basin that was easy to install and that kept debris out of the drain line. Contractors that are doing this for a living know exactly what we’re talking about.

New Catch Basin Addresses Previous Problems

After playing with all these different prototypes over the years we developed our own gutter catch basin that checked all the boxes. First it’s easy to put in a trench because it’s only five inches wide. It also has a nice sump to catch debris.

We created the sump to simulate a belly in a pipe. So the basin actually becomes part of your pipe and replaces a section of the system. We all know how much shingle gravel and sediment a belly will catch and plug a system. But in this case it works to our advantage because the top portion replaces the pipe. The sump will catch more sediment and hold it, keeping it out of the drain line.

Another advantage is your pipe isn’t sticking inside the basin taking up space. You connect the downspout pipe on the outside of the basin which allows for a larger gap. Sediment in the water is going to fall and it’s going to collect in the bottom of the basin. You’re going to catch it all and you’re not going to contaminate your system.

You want to put this in your discharge line or downspout line right at the very beginning to catch all the sediment. That way you’re not contaminating the line. It has to shoot water through the top gap. This is a larger gap than a 12 by 12 catch basin has.

Leach Water from Bottom of Catch Basin

This catch basin has very convenient bottom that has guides for drilling holes. These holes will allow the basin to leach water into the subsoil. Drill out those holes to whatever size you want, but we encourage a small drill bit.

catch basin has guides for drilling holes

If you drill too big of holes in your basin, and you have a lot of permeable soil, during a rain event, you’ll be leaching a ton of water in this area. Now after the rain event, if you have small holes, you’ll drain this out in good permeable soil. In clay, it’s going to take some time to leach out. But if you put 1% slope on the system, this will help.

Versatile and Convenient Options

There’s going to be a lot of accessories for our new catch basin. It’s going to come in many different flavors and something we’re going to expand on right into the year 2024.

Connects to 3 or 4 in Drainage Pipe

You can connect our catch basin to either 3 in or 4 in drainage pipe. Just use our three-inch and four-inch couplers to make the connection. No tools required.

4 in corrugated to PVC Coupler

3 in corrugated to PVC Coupler

6 in or 4 in Outlet

Our gutter catch basins are designed to have either 4 in or 6 in opening. You simply take the center out with the hole saw to convert it to 6 in. This way, as a contractor, you can just buy all 4 inch basins and just keep a six-inch hole saw in your truck. There is a line for the hole saw to be trapped. You set it in there and you core it out. Now you can use it for a 6 in. We purposely staggered the 6 in and the 4 in so that as you go to grade, if one works better than the other, you’ve got a solid cover in a six-inch, and solid cover in the 4 in.

Here are just two possible variations although there are many more.

Basin that connects to 3 in corrugated with 4 in outlet Basin that connects to 4 in corrugated with 6 in outlet

6 in or 4 in Drain Grate or Solid Cap

Basins will come with a 4 in or 6 in drain grate. We make our own 4 in drain grate with more inlet than any other grate on the market and it’s made of HDPE. We also make a 4 in solid drain cover to keep mosquitoes from breeding inside the basin.

Shop all 4 in drainage fittings and couplers

Easily Add Height to Reach Grade

We’re going to have inch and a half risers in 6 in and 4 in to go up inch and a half rises at a time. If you need a three-inch lift, Just stack two risers.  Our turf restrictor plate will get you a little more height too.

Gutter Catch Basin with two 1.5" risers

100% HDPE Gutter Catch Basin

Like our other drainage products, the catch basin is 100% virgin HDPE. You’ll notice we’re using the natural color. We’re not even putting dye in it so that you can clearly see there’s no recycled materials.

Easy to Clean

We shaped this gutter catch basin so the sediment all concentrates to the center. This makes it easy to reach in and clean or to use a shop vac. That’s how we clean it as contractors. We also designed the inside so there’s no square corners. They’re smooth, rounded corners. That’s because when you clean out a catch basin, it’s always a challenge to get all the scum out of 90 degree corners. Yes, we’ve thought of everything because we’re the ones installing these basins daily. We’re using knowledge, wisdom, and common sense for all the new parts we’re making.

Revolutionizing the Catch Basin

I know you’re going to love how convenient this drain basin is, and how easy this is going to go together for you, and that’s key. It’s got to be strong. It’s got to stand the test of time and it’s got to make your job easy. Those are all the boxes that we’re trying to check. This catch basin is something that I wish had my whole career.

We’re giving the customer more. We’re giving the contractor more. No more big 9 x 9 or 12 x 12 basins. No more catch basins that don’t have any sump.

For questions about our new gutter catch basin call: 248-505-3065.