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Introducing FDM’s Indestructible Turf Restrictor Plate 2.0. With its 11.5 inch width, this restrictor plate prevents
grass from growing over your pop up emitter, ensuring that is remains functional at all times.

But that’s not all – the Indestructible Turf Restrictor Plate 2.0 also features the largest opening in the market, measuring up to 4 inches. This allows for easy and efficient drainage without trapping debris. And thanks to its versatile design, this pop up emitter can connect to any 3 or 4 inch drain pipe.

The lid easily pops off, allowing you to replace it with any 4 inch drain grate. This makes it a convenient tool for a variety of tasks.

Made with durable materials, this pop up emitter is built to withstand the toughest weather conditions and has a lifetime guarantee not to crack. Say goodbye to constantly replacing your pop up emitter and invest in the FDM’s Indestructible Turf Restrictor Plate 2.0, the ultimate tool for maintaining a beautiful and functional lawn.