How do French drains work Orion Township, Michigan

How Do French Drains Work - Orion Twp., MIHow do French drains work? You create a channel and you fill it full of stone and the water moves through the stone uninterrupted. Let me give you an example. We just excavated for a French drain trench. Putting in a French strain field.

Now the soils that we have here, some of the soils would move water. But then there is veins. There is veins of more elastic soil.  We end up with a lot of clay throughout. So there’s not a straight path for the water to move, even though there happens to be some gravel on this lot the clay. The clay acts as a dam. And the water no longer has the ability to move, even on a sloped yard.

How do French drains work? By putting all that stone in a channel.  It’s like a path, a road if you will to live the water own. Here again, okay, the soil is fantastic, this is great soil for drainage, it’s a gravel. However, clay veins just damming the path of the water.

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