French Drain System for Yard Drainage with a Sprinkler System

French Drain Install for yard drainage with a Sprinkler SystemWelcome to the French Drain Man Youtube Channel where you come here for the truth on how to install French Drains the correct way.  Where the cameras on the subject matter and not me.

So this is a typical excavation for a French drain system. This was a flat area, so we had to run three parallel with a couple of balance tubes, actually three balance tubes as well. One of the questions we get asked is, do you fix the sprinklers? Absolutely we do. So you have to cut the pipe, it’s the only way you’re going to get the fabric in and then we just go ahead and we put couplers in and we reconnect that.  We’ll get the fabric in. We’ll go ahead and put the pipe in and then we’ll reconnect that.  Our pipe will go underneath the sprinklers.

You can see right here we removed this piece as well. There are the two couplers. Once our fabrics is in place, the sprinklers have been all set up over here with couplers. There’s a coupler, putting in the fabric, and going to fit the fabric. Go ahead and cut the fabric to fit, pin it back and then put the pipe in.

Another question we get asked all the time is, will the side grow over your French drain system? Because we do not use inlet basins, inlet basins let contaminants in, yes the side will grow on our system. Do you have to irrigate? The question is, will it dry out in the summer? Well yes. This system will draw the moisture out of the ground. I mean, it’s amazing. These systems don’t take a day off. They don’t take a minute off. They’re constantly pulling water out of the subsoil as well as capturing all the surface water.

So, during drought, you do need to irrigate. There are some techniques if you’re on a big commercial lot that has no sprinklers, you could just run French drain in the collection areas and then you could just take a solid pipe out to an area of discharge.  So that you don’t have to worry about this dried line, so to speak, exposing where the French drain runs.

We’ll shoot future videos on such subject matters. If you’re looking for the service in Southeastern Michigan, give us a call at 248-505-3065.