French drain design in Lake Orion, Michigan

French Drain Design - Lake Orion, MichiganFrench drain design. A lot goes into designing a French drain system. A good French drain design, you test the soils. And if you work in the area regularly, you get to know the soils. And then you know how far you can pull water through the sub soils to a French drain channel.

Here we have three parallel French drain channels with a balance tube connecting them that run to a catch basin. There’s 24 inches of fall. This will be a great gravity system.

Here we are, we have the higher elevation. Water runs to the problem area, where we have our three french drain channels. We have the sod cut off at the top. The neighbors yard Much higher elevation, adding to the problem, So, we end up with the water trapped.

Unfortunately, even with slope, it’s hard to get water out of a thick stand of turf grass. The french drain system is the most effective way of doing so. A lot of calculations go into laying out a French drain system. Leave that up to a professional for best results.

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