What is the Difference Between Dual Wall Corrugated Pipe & Single Wall Pipe?

Dual Wall vs Single Wall Corrugated PipeI want to talk about the differences between single wall corrugated pipe and dual wall corrugated pipe. So this is single wall corrugated on the outside and corrugated on the inside. You can see the valleys. This is where you hear comments about how shingle gravel and debris gets trapped in the corrugated pipe. Well, if they’re built right, that’s usually not the case. They work fine as long as they’re built right. However, if the installer fails, the pipe will fail.

So to please everybody, they make a dual wall pipe. Corrugated on the outside, smooth on the inside. So this pipe cuts down on friction and moves more water.  To connect it, it is fairly flexible, but to make the connection at the house, we’ll use the single wall that I showed you, to do like a sweeper 90 and then tile tape it to the dual wall.

Here’s one that’s finished.  There’s a sweeper 90 here in a single wall. Then we go to our dual wall.  So, that we cut down on friction and we move the maximum amount of water and there’s no way debris, like shingle gravel, can get stuck in the pipe.

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