Downspouts Buried Underground with Solid Corrugated Pipe

Frozen Downspouts Use Corrugated Pipe - MichiganWhen talking about burying downspouts, this is a question I get asked often. Why not use smooth wall storm and sewer pipe?

Here in Michigan, we have weather conditions that create, well what you see here, a frozen downspout. This is frozen completely, you can see where the ice has expanded. We put salt around here just so that this would drain to the storm drain. This downspout was meant to just to pour onto concrete and go across the concrete into a storm drain. However, in the north, we have weather conditions that create what you see here. A frozen downspout.

Now, if you use smooth wall storm and sewer pipe, it’ll crack and split under conditions like this. And if it’s cracked and split, under the ground, where you can’t see it and now, year round, you have water leaking by the foundation of your property. Whether it’s a home or a commercial building, it’s damaging. It’s gonna cost you money.  Always use corrugated for downspouts, it expands in these conditions and then as soon as it thaws, it contracts, it doesn’t split. It’s a much better product.

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