Don’t Use a Filter Wrapped Corrugated Pipe for the Inlet of a French Drain System

Filter Wrapped Corrugated Pipe - Failed French DrainWe’re working on a job that has two failed French drains. So, they’ve lived here 18 years and they’re French drains that they have installed, keep failing, and I wanted to go over why.

Okay, so this is your three slot staggered and they use the filter fabric on this pipe. It’s a polyester and you could see the pea stone. You can see the pea stone, how it migrated into the subsoil and the subsoil migrated into the drainage stone. And look, there’s dirt. That polyester filter, soil separator didn’t really do that. Good a job.

We always preach, wrap the entire trench. Stone and pipe included. Use a good pipe with a lot of inlets and use a great fabric. This is a DOT approved fabric.

We had a tunnel underneath the fence to get to the storm drain catch. And so, hey, ben ear drainage contractor isn’t sexy. It ain’t glamorous. And uh, yeah, it’s muddy and sometimes it’s not pretty.

Here are two different pipes from two different attempts at this. Here’s that polyester soil separator on a three slots stagger pipe. This one is, was white originally. This
one is black. So we found both failed systems.

This one is some dirt in it too, but you couldn’t get the water in the pipe anyways because they didn’t wrap the trench and separate the soil from the drainage stone.

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