DIY Hack: Quad-Pack Baughman Premium Yellow 8-Slot Drainage Pipe

DIY Hack:  Baughman Tile Quad Pack 8-Slot Yellow PipeWelcome to the French Drain Man channel. I’m Robert Sherwood and I just want to let you guys know that we are working really hard for all the DIYs out there. We’re making that our mission this year to make sure that you guys are successful. We’re shipping the Baughman premium eight-slot yellow all over the United States.

I love it. Thank you family from Idaho for posting on our Facebook. How you must be getting old because it was like Christmas to get your eight slot premium yellow Baughman Tile. So I know how you feel. I do because years ago when we discovered this we were just as thrilled. It is the strongest single wall pipe there is on the market. It has the most inlet currently and it’s second to none. Right now. We’ve been working on all kinds of modifications for you. We want to make sure that the DIY, you know, we want you guys to have a great experience. We want to make that DIY project is cool as we possibly can, as fun as we possibly can. So everybody’s been reaching out to me. I love it. Thank you. Keep doing. So we’re gonna keep working on helping you out.

So I’m finding out that not everybody has a really good aggregate. They’re not having really, you know, that much luck finding good, clean, aggregate. So Scott and I, we have some experience with this and we got a lot of tricks that we have up our sleeve and we’re going to show you what we’ve been up to. And it’s something that we actually have some background in.

I’ve been working with some engineers. I’m lucky I have a lot of resources, a lot, and that’s been extremely helpful. I want to thank them. They know who they are. And I also want to thank Baughman Tile. So now remember if you modify your pipe, no warranties, no guarantees. I mean all deals are off. No claims. So if you want to just keep it just the way it arrives, it will work fantastic. And I’m gonna show you how.

So to cut down on all that aggregate, we’re putting in these quad packs and I’m telling you we are moving more water than we do with an all aggregate. We do have to still put the stone in. And I’m gonna catch you up really quick. So what we’ve been doing is we’ve been zip tieing in a quad pack together and then between the trench and the pipe you want to pack stone. So you’re still gonna have that non-woven geotextile fabric to keep your sub soils out of your gravel, you still need that gravel between this pipe. The water is going to basically move through the gravel and there is so much inlet. Remember there are an eleven and a half inches squared per linear foot of this pipe. So that’s ridiculous. So Times that by four when you’re running a quad pack. To my point, and then you have all the area inside this pipe, the stone and all its voids can’t move that much water. So we threw you, as usual, our subscribers, the DIY, you push us, you push us to be our best. And I want to thank you. I want to thank you for all your support and we’re here for you.

So DIYers, You don’t need a big pile of aggregate any more. You just need a box or, or a few of these. You’re going to need a lot of zip ties and that’s key. You really want this tight. So then when you dump the stone in, it’s easy for you to work with. Otherwise, this stuff, if it’s not zip tied together, it’s just going every which way. This is going to make it very easy for you, the DIY. You’re not gonna need as many hands, you know, on, you’re not going to need as many boots on the ground, so to speak. You can do this with your family and nobody’s getting frustrated because this stuff’s moving all over the place because it will if you don’t zip tie it.

So, we are working tirelessly since we’re shipping this all over the country. We want you guys to be so successful at your drainage project and this is just fantastic. The performance we’re getting out of this, we’re going to start putting our systems in like this. So, and then if it’s a heavily traveled area, you know, with heavy vehicles, we’re going to do a double barrel. We won’t do a quad.

So I can’t wait to share everything with you. I’m going to get you out in the field. We’re going to teach you more, as always. So I want to keep you excited about your project, and I want to make your project as easy as I possibly can, guys. All right. Thank you for all your support.

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